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The SEC-Project having ended in April 2015, information about its activities on these pages does not continue. Nevertheless the SEC keeps on its activities. Information and news about them can be found in the international pages of the Siemens Dialog.

European Project: SEC-Agenda "Siemens 2020"

The goal of this project is the development and implementation of sustainable strategy for European  representation of interests and transnational co-operation in the Siemens Europe Committee (SEC) of the Siemens AG.

The SEC- Agenda-strategy represents

+ a European platform of information, exchange and co-operation in the SEC
+ a base for the European representation of employees' interests at Siemens
+ a transnational strategy for structurally improved future orientation at the European plants of Siemens

SEC-project group

The Siemens Europe Committee (SEC) consits of 36 members from all 28 EU-countries, Norway and Switzerland. Project activities are guided by the executive committee of the SEC in co-operation with the national employee representations of the Siemens-cluster NWE (NorthWestEurope).

Results are passed to the European regions of the SEC and discussed at a conference of the SEC-agenda.

Contact and information

Siemens Europe Committee (SEC)
Executive Committee (geschäftsführender Ausschuss /GA)

Harald Kern (DE) harald.kern(at)siemens(dot)com
Fritz Hagl (AT) friedrich.hagl(at)siemens(dot)com
Bettina Haller (DE) bettina.haller(at)siemens(dot)com
Roy Lund (NO) roy.lund(at)siemens(dot)com
Margherita Milite (IT) margherita.milite(at)siemens(dot)com

Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld e.V. (DGB/VHS)
Gisbert Brenneke gb(at)aulbi(dot)de

IG Metall at Siemens
Reinhard Hahn reinhard.hahn(at)igmetall(dot)de

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