The German union IG Metall has established the Siemens Dialog providing information about the company from a union perspective. It also lists contact information of unions represented at Siemens worldwide. You can provide any kind of news related to Siemens at your country or location - please contact siemens-dialog(at)igmetall(dot)de to send us your input.


Union representatives from Siemens Germany and IG Metall visited Beijing for a workshop together with 17 union representatives from Siemens China. The central topic was the ongoing digitalization.


In the week from September 17th – 21st, 2018, union representatives from Siemens from 11 countries held an assembly in Munich. The meeting was this year´s meeting under the International Framework Agreement of Siemens.


On July 3rd/4th, 2018, union representatives from Siemens locations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Austria met at Tábor in the Czech Republic. The meeting was invited by the Czech Metal Workers´ Union OS KOVO.


On May 23rd/24th in Bratislava, 34 members of the Siemens Europe Committee (SEC) from 20 countries took part in their annual meeting.


A collective agreement of Siemens S.a. and the guarantee agreement for Siemens Mobility in Spain has been signed.


On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, we have been informed that our friend and union brother Wayne Cupp from Norwood, Ohio in the US has passed away after a long and difficult period of illness.


On April 3rd-5th, about 40 union representatives from IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), USW (United Steel Workers), IAM (International Association of Machinists), IUE-CWA (International Union of Electrical Workers-Communication Workers of America) and UAW (United Auto Workers) met in Atlanta to discuss their cooperation and current affairs at Siemens.


On March 22nd/23rd 2018, 23 union representatives from Germany, UK, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Portugal, Denmark and Norway met at Munich to discuss internally and with the management the designated carve-out of the Siemens Mobility Division.


During the meeting concerning job cuts at PG, several members of the SEC and/or other workers' representations commented the overall and local situation:


On February 6th/7th, an extended meeting of the Executive Board of the Siemens European Committee took place at Munich to discuss internally and with the management the situation at the Power and Gas division in Europe and the announced job cuts.

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