The German union IG Metall has established the Siemens Dialog providing information about the company from a union perspective. It also lists contact information of unions represented at Siemens worldwide. You can provide any kind of news related to Siemens at your country or location - please contact siemens-dialog(at)igmetall(dot)de to send us your input.


Siemens Employee Federation will set up 3 year project to make efforts on organizing all workers working directly or indirectly for the Siemens in India to ensure them the same equal rights and working conditions as of the permanent workers.


From April 10th to 11th 2013, employee representatives from China and Germany met in Shanghai. Besides internal discussions about employee representation, the agenda included a meeting with Siemens' Human Resources Director Mrs. Brigitte Ederer and representatives of the Chinese management.

International Siemens Meeting

In Munich, this week members of Siemens-works councils from around the world meet for the 4th time since 2005. Mutual information and co-ordination aim to establish what's been business as usual on the management's side for years: communication and joint action regardless of national boundaries.


Difficult negotiations have led to an agreement about Siemens' railway plant in Prague in the end of August. The conditions for the employees set a new benchmark for countries Eastern Europe that joined the European Union in the last years.


Siemens' plans to close its railway plant in Prague provokes strong resistance. The IG Metall issued an announcement supporting the employees' fight for their jobs. The latter organized a first strike that took place for two hours on Wednesday.


Following massive protests of employees all over Germany, Siemens and employee representatives have agreed on a basis for discussions on the planned restructuring. The key points for further procedings have been agreed by IG Metall, representatives of the Central Works Council and corporate management in a "points of agreement" paper.


Rumors have been going around since Siemens CEO Peter Löscher announced plans to cut up to 20% off the Selling, General & Administrative Expenses. That was in November 2007 - now the details are in the open.


Compliance is an important point not only to Siemens Corporate, but alos to its European Works Council Siemens Europe committee (SEC). A joint statement defines basic aspects on which both sides agree.


Siemens' General Works Council and the IG Metall declare themselves upset and shocked by Siemens' ad-hoc announcement of Monday to cut the earnings forecast by nearly a billion Euro. Ralf Heckmann, Chairman of the Works Council, and IG Metall's Chairman Berthold Huber, both also members of the supervisory board, are alerted by the dimension of the problems and the heavy impacts on the economic sit


Peter Löscher plans not only to reduce administrative costs and Siemens' "other operations": the structures outside Germany will be concentrated and streamlined.

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