The German union IG Metall has established the Siemens Dialog providing information about the company from a union perspective. It also lists contact information of unions represented at Siemens worldwide. You can provide any kind of news related to Siemens at your country or location - please contact siemens-dialog(at)igmetall(dot)de to send us your input.


Rising anger at SIS in Great Britain: While annual staff bonuses have been cancelled for this year, the Management Bonus Scheme provides up to the double of annual salaries for some managers. The union PCS demands explainations and pursues this unfair treatment of staff.


IG Metall and the General Works Council of Siemens in Germany have released a statement regarding the plans for restructuring of Siemens Company as discussed and decided by its supervisory board on November 28th.


The full report on the 3rd international Siemens-workshop is now online:


43 Siemens trade unionists and works councils members of 17 countries of Europe, Asia and America have met in Frankfurt at the 25th and 26th of October 2007 to discuss the worldwide situation of employees and working conditions in their company.


Siemens' multinational structures have impact on employees from Bangalore to Bayreuth in many ways; resources, facilities, jobs and budgets go around the world with the click of a mouse. The Siemens Team of the German IG Metall organizes an International Workshop for employee representants from 17 countries in order to keep up with these international structures.


Klaus Kleinfeld will leave Siemens. New chairman of the Supervisory Board Gerhard Cromme is following Heinrich von Pierer who resigned. The IG-Metall members of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG released following declaration on these personal changes.


Statement by Berthold Huber, Deputy Chairman of IG Metall, on the resignation of Heinrich von Pierer as Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Trade union Deputy Chairman Berthold Huber comments on the bribery scandal at Siemens and a possible escalation of the collective bargaining round in an interview with the German Newspaper "Stuttgarter Zeitung".


The chairpersons of works councils of all Siemens VDO German plants, their support from the local offices of IG Metall, Lothar Adler from the Central Works Council of Siemens AG, Dieter Scheitor, the commissioner of IG Metall for Siemens, and the Deputy Chairman of IG Metall, Berthold Huber, took part in a meeting at IG-Metall headquarters involving Siemens VDO.


International networking between unions is essential in a global company like Siemens. To increase this capability, British representatives of Amicus met with their German colleagues of IG Metall.

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