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Ivan Lewis, Secretary to the Treasury, has postponed his decision on SBS plans to offshore 240 NS&I jobs to India. Lewis confirmed that he would make his final decision on offshoring once he had consulted all interested parties.


Good news first: With a profit of € 887 million, Siemens’ result in the second quarter has been far better than expected. But good results come with bad news for employees: „Capacity adjustments“ at COM are supposed to absorb slump at the division. A detailed concept has not yet been presented.


Just before the meeting of the supervisory board on Wednesday and the presentation of the results of the second quarter, new rumours concerning the future have emerged. In Belgium, all employees at a service centre for communication technology are facing the loss of their jobs.


New rumours concerning the future of Siemens COM: Most German media report on alleged negotiations between Siemens and its US-competitor Motorola over the sale of Siemens` telecommunications branch - as well as of possibly impending staff reductions.


British trade unions have launched a campaign against privatisation and offshoring in the public sector. The PCS, representing British SBS-employees, supports the campaign.


As disclosed last week, Siemens has not only sold its Infineon- , but also its Epcos-shares. The company has thus disassociated from two of its traditional lines of business.


The dedication of Jügern Schubert, CEO of Siemens India, to tap latent saving potentials does not benefit employees: As unionists report, employment rights are called into question and Siemens maintains its stonewalling attitude during in collective negotiations.


Siemens has announced the appointment of several new board members: chief strategy officer Joe Kaeser replaces CFO Hans-Joachim Neubürger, Eduardo Montes, up to now the head of Siemens Spain, will take over as group president of Com, and Corporate Technology will be directed by Hermann Requardt, who will also join the managing board.


High spirits at FSC: Shortly after the company has announced record results the European Commission has granted clearance to the projected acquisition of the business division Product Related Services (PRS) of Siemens Business Services (SBS).


In the conflict over the transferral of 240 jobs to India, the British Public and Commercial Services Union has now begun to exert political pressure: Treasury Minister Ivan Lewis is supposed to refuse approval to SBS’ plans.

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