The German union IG Metall has established the Siemens Dialog providing information about the company from a union perspective. It also lists contact information of unions represented at Siemens worldwide. You can provide any kind of news related to Siemens at your country or location - please contact siemens-dialog(at)igmetall(dot)de to send us your input.


The new boss has not yet finished cleaning up at Siemens - at least that is the prognosis of the Manager Magazin after Klaus Kleinfeld’s first year as Siemens-CEO. The journalists are convinced that Kleinfeld will continue to turn the company „into the world’s largest and most profitable infrastructure supplier.“


748.500 employees in Austria work overtime regularly. On average, they collect 9.4 hours of overtime every week.


A precise statement on the future of Siemens Com - that was what employees attending a staff meeting at the Siemens location Munich-Hofmannstrasse expected from their boss Klaus Kleinfeld. And Kleinfeld really put it straight: Siemens is not going to sell its Com division.


Concerning the latest rumours on Siemens COM: Siemens must stick by its COM-division. Communications technology has made Siemens a global corporation. It is still indispensable today.


Siemens Business Services in the UK plans to offshore at least 25 per cent of its staff in financial management to India.


Not enough orders coming in, the pressure to increase gains and restructuring in order to cut costs concern Siemens Communications in the USA as well as in Europe - but under even tougher conditions.


After 60 hours of strike: Italian unions achieve new collective bargain for metal workers.


In Indonesia, Siemens looks back on almost 150 successful years, both as a market and a valuable place for production. Workers' organization, however, still proves rather difficult.


Siemens Group: Workers representatives and union officials strengthen international cooperation.


In mid-October, the Hong-Kong-based NGO “Corporate Social Responsibility Asia” hosted a conference on employment conditions in China and South-East Asia in the Chinese boomtown Shenzhen.

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