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PG: Comments by the workers' representants

During the meeting concerning job cuts at PG, several members of the SEC and/or other workers' representations commented the overall and local situation:

Martin Schriever

Roy Lund

Feran Navarro

Carl Needham

Jonny Persson

Christian Schaller

Comment by Martin Schriever, Dresser-Rand Duisburg: Our joint meeting at Munich has shown once more the importance of having cross-border contacts at Siemens to learn how strategy and job cuts are handled at PG outside of Germany. Unfortunately, we get to know, that – what is normal to us in Germany – co-determination and the obligation to give information are not self-evident in other countries.

Comment by Jon May, Lincoln, UK: Helpful meeting to better understand PG situation. The local PG Lincoln personnel are not aware of details of PG market shift and subsequent planned cut in workforce. The service PS employees have no details other than PG & PS Senior Global management comments on it being difficult conditions. The feedback from PG management in Munich was useful to better understand quite how severe the course correction requirements are. The numbers of affected employees in Lincoln appears to be lower than it actually may end up being if all the components that have been mentioned do end up getting moved to other Siemens sites (Lower cost).

Comment by Roy Lund, Norway: The market prospects for PG, especially in the big turbines area, is problematic. For the first couple of years the general market situation is also difficult, but at the same time, there are possibilities for market gains for instance in the small turbines market. But given this difficult situation for all who belong to the PG business it is important to get information about the strategy for all remaining PG businesses.

Comment by Ferran Navarro i Soriano, Spain: More predictability and more job security: As a spokesperson of the Region SWE, I have to criticize the shortcomings concerning the forecast that have occurred lately at the different businesses (Dresser, Gamesa, PG...). I also ask to - besides studies of the market –take into account the impact that these can have on the workers. I have also asked for precise and concrete information by the company for all concerned countries. These data were not given entirely during the presentation of the company.

Comment by Carl Needham, Lincoln, UK: This was the first SEC meeting I have attended and it was very interesting to discuss the PG announcement with the other plants. From a Lincoln perspective the announcement last November has left a lot of the workforce feeling insecure with no future. There appears to have been very little consideration to the logistics of moving manufacturing of key components to Europe and China over the next 5 to 6 years. Local management were given no better information than the workforce, the information they did have was briefed far better than the way some of the other plants received theirs. If there had been better information into the reasoning behind the announcement given at the time it may have been better received. Due to other Companies in the UK moving work to Europe and China (Offshoring) there is a real concern that this is what Siemens is planning.

Comment by Jonny Persson, Finspång, Sweden: Managements plans for Finspång Sweden is: They want to move our hot blades to Budapest and outsource our cast houses to China. Some of them. And I think that 71 employees are affected. The unions in Finspång will not giving up so easy. We take help from an independent employee consultant.

Comment by Christian Schaller, Vienna, Austria: Good performance does not pay off at Siemens anymore! The PG location at Vienna is now threatened for the second time in five years. The headquarter answers to a good order situation, large workload and high profitability with job cuts ! Joe Kaeser claims to strengthen the Siemens regions and to want to get closer to the customers ! The 250 IPPS employees (small and middle sized power plants branch) do not understand, why the site at Vienna should be closed being the only PG location in the whole CEE region!

Comment by Gábor Kun, Budapest, Hungary: The improvement of the two side communication between the management and the employee representation is necessary since I believe in such circumstances we have got now in PG the opinion and ideas from the workers side are necessary if our target is to save the workplaces. Also there could be solution to fill up our factories with work with redirecting processing between the divisions.

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